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Party game, What?, is the perfect party game for large groups.  Easy to play rules get people quickly guessing, who-said-what, as responses to questions are read out loud. It's also the perfect house warming gift for humourous humans!

Three categories of questions are included on each card:

  • Category 1 is a general questions category with short snappy questions that always begin with "What"?
  • Category 2 is the personal category of WHAT where the questioner fills in the _______ with someone's name. It can be someone playing the game, someone famous, or anyone else for that matter... it's up to the questioner to choose.
  • Category 3 is the sticky situation category of WHAT where players are faced with predicaments that always end up asking "What do you do?"

What is a party game for entertaining strangers and friends alike.  Play What? with large groups of people, at a dinner party, a neighbourhood block party, office parties or college game nights.

There is no need to be truthful!!! There is no need to be tasteful!!  So regardless if you know the people or not, feel free to be as silly or as funny as you want… honesty is not the best policy in this party game.

Ages 14 and up

Players 5 to 17

Time to Play: 60 minutes