Q.  Is Toy Soup open all year round?

A. Yes, we are open all year. We are only closed New Years Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Q. Do you have a rewards program?

A. Yes. We offer a free-no-card rewards program to our customers. We give a 4% credit for all purchases. So spend $100 and next time you shop at Toy Soup you will have a $4 credit (4% credit is on pre-tax totals). If you shop on-line the 4% credit will also apply, but the credit can only be redeemed in-store.


Q. Do you do special orders?

A. If we already deal with the supplier we would be happy to order in an item we don't usually carry in our store. For some of our suppliers we only do two or three orders a year, so it might depend on the timing.


Q. Are all your items in your brick-and-mortar store on-line?

A. Not everything is on-line!  We do have most of our items on-line though with more being added weekly.


Q. Do you do loot bags?

A. Yes. Let us know how many children, their ages, how many boys and girls and your budget. We can put together something fun for every occasion. Please make your order the day before or earlier. Call 519-664-0268 to place your order.


Q. Do you have gift cards?

A. Yes. We have fancy plastic gift cards with our logo on them that can be loaded with any value between $5 and $100.


Q. Do you have a gift registry?

A. Yes. Just come in the store and pick out what you would like to include in the registry and we can set it up.


Q. Is your store wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes. Our store has a double switch-back ramp (also known as the scenic route) that allows wheelchairs and parents with strollers easy access to the store. We also have a wheelchair accessible washroom. However, there are three steps to the games section of the store and our adult jigsaw puzzles are located in our basement, that is not wheelchair accessible...sorry.