About Us

The Store

Our locally owned & operated toy store is located in a heritage church building with beautiful stained glass windows, a soaring ceiling and packed with a carefully curated selection of toys, games and novelties to inspire play, creativity, and joy. There is always something new to discover. Inspired by our love of puzzles, in the summer of 2019 we opened up the basement and filled it with an expanded and glorious array of jigsaw puzzles. 

Toy Soup opened in the village of St. Jacobs in 2006. Since then, our wish is to create a memorable shopping experience for both our local neighbours and those who travel to us as a destination. The store is partially stroller and wheelchair friendly.

Welcome. Come out and satisfy your appetite for fun!

About Us

Toy Soup is owned and operated by St. Jacobs residents Lisa and Rob Boulianne. We are the parents to three children, who are now all teenagers and have grown up being our product testers, box carriers, lawn mowing crew, and the reason we work so hard.

We really enjoy our business - from meeting interesting customers, our fellow amazing (and shrinking) independent toy store owners, and the suppliers in the industry who work hard to provide awesome product. We started as complete newbies to the retail scene, with backgrounds in government administration, and scientific research & teaching. Over the years we have learned quite a bit about the toy industry and hope we have developed a discerning eye for toys we feel have excellent educational play value, great design, fair pricing and create moments of laughter and memory. 

We also strive to practice what we preach - please consider mindful purchasing that will truly create a difference in your community. Shopping local matters. When possible, take that moment to see if your local independent retailer can fulfill your needs. It makes a direct difference to the local workforce, tax base, landscape and building of a community.

Thank you. It is a pleasure to welcome you to our creation.