Shiny Stickers Super-Cute Activity Book


Come and meet the lovable characters in this super-cute activity book. From sweet searches and playful puzzles, to fun fruit and adorable art, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. At the back of the book there are cute card press-outs to make and create, too! Plus your very own super-cute shiny stickers to use in the book or wherever you want! A SUPER-CUTE ACTIVITY BOOK WITH SHINY FOIL STICKERS!

This super-cute activity book is filled with adorable characters and sweet activities

The pages are packed with puzzles, mazes, and pictures to color

With 10 pages of creative card press-outs

Includes shiny foil stickers


Dimensions 8.46 × 11.02 × 0.39 in


Type : Sticker Activity Book

Age Group : 3+

Category: Activity and Coloring

Illustrator: Jess Moorhouse


Number of Pages: 86 pp

Writer: Patrick Bishop

Extra Information: inc. 20 pp card and 1 sheet of foiled stickers