School Zone Big Mazes & More



 Make learning fun! As your child navigates the twists and turns of mazes, plays games, and solves puzzles, he or she will be developing important skills and having fun at the same time. First and second graders can leap from one activity to the next with friendly critter guides like Sammy Snake, Felicity Fish, and Nancy Narwhal. Big Mazes & More delivers big learning. Eye-hand coordination sharpens; plus, these activities provide practice in solving problems and following directions. Chart a course or solve a mystery. The high-energy combination of games and exercises will keep your child entertained for hours!


Fun Features & Big Benefits

301 workbook pages for hours of learning activities

Easy-reference Answer Key in back

Tear-out pages great for worksheets

Easy-to-follow directions on every page

Nature/environment/science clues

Big fun for little hands

Parent Guide inside front cover

Activities to Share inside back cover


eye-hand coordination

perceptual skills

fine motor skills

problem-solving abilities

addition and subtraction


Ages 6 to 8