School Zone Big Hidden Pictures



Cowabunga! Can you find the cat, the candle, the carrot, the chicken and other “c”s in the Cowabunga Island scene? There’s a hidden picture for each letter of the alphabet so that kids can practice and reinforce beginning letter sounds. After the alphabet hidden pictures are lots more puzzles for kids to take a close look at. Then closer still. Sharp-eyed concentration reveals much more than first meets the eye. A huge kaleidoscope of scenes demands your child’s focus as he or she follows the what-to-look-for clues in Big Hidden Pictures & More. Mazes, color-by-number scenes, and math puzzles are also part of the fun. Everyday meets extraordinary. Activate their attention superpowers with hours of playful, imaginative learning.


Fun Features & Big Benefits

Tear-out pages great for individual worksheets

Nature/environment/science clues

Parent Guide inside cover

Easy-reference Answer Key in back

Playful activities sharpen multiple skills

299 workbook pages for hours of learning activities!


focus and concentration

eye-hand coordination

perceptual skills

fine motor skills

direction-following skills

problem-solving abilities

Ages 6 to 8