Ram 13937

Back by popular demand! The ram figurine makes its long-awaited return to Schleich…apparently, he "herd" we missed those iconic curled horns. Measuring 3.5", the toy ram is a must-have farm toy for kids.
The ram is a hard worker on the farm…his chores include sweeping the barn, rounding up the chickens, and counting the sheep. He sometimes falls asleep on the job…but otherwise, he’s a wonderful addition to any Schleich animal toy collection.
Authentic Detail. Woolly fleece? Check. Curled horns? Check. Sturdy hooves? Check. Like all your favorite Schleich toys, this ram figurine is chock full of realistic touches.
Durable Quality. Schleich toys are crafted to withstand ram-bunctious toddlers…a playground battle royale is no worry for this rugged ruminant
Sparks of Storytelling. A ram and a T-Rex went on their first camping trip…and then? In a child’s hands, a Schleich toy is a story starter…a spark to ignite the imagination.
Limitless Play. Do rams like to knit? Do they wear wool socks in the winter? We say “Why not?!” In a child’s hands, a Schleich toy is a gateway to imagination without boundaries.
Toddler-Friendly. Perfectly sized for little hands at 3.54” x 1.77” x 2.80” (LxWxH).
Ages 3 and up