Ragdoll Cat 13940


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Fall in love with the blue-eyed Ragdoll Cat figurine from Schleich! You'll purr with delight over this picture-perfect feline's detailed fur, paws, whiskers, and those iconic blue eyes. And why not? Our ragdoll figurine makes a great gift for cat lovers and fans of "raggies" everywhere.

Detailed & Authentic. Real-life raggies agree: The Schleich ragdoll cat has the prettiest blue eyes of any cat you've ever met. Getting the little details right is kind of our jam.

Encourages Storytelling. Our ragdoll cat teaches kids a toy doesn’t need screens to be fun. This toy raggie can speak to horses, run the farm, and make gross vegetables disappear…all powered by a kid’s imagination.

Quality You Can Feel. Hold a Schleich toy cat in your hand, and you'll instantly realize: This is a toy you can pass down as a keepsake to your kids and grandkids.

Fun-Sized Cat Cake Toppers. This larger-than-life ragdoll cat figurine looks great perched atop a cake…a perfect cake decoration for cat-themed birthday parties!

Awesome Gifts for Cat Lovers. Our ragdoll cat toy figurine is hypoallergenic, adorable, and doesn't shed…a perfect gift for the cat lover in your life!

Dimensions 2.56 x 0.59 x 1.54 inch (W x D x H)

Ages 3 and up