LiteHawk Circuit Alpine Pass Raceway



The Circuit Alpine Pass slot car racing set features a twisty backroad theme. The track features intense straightaways with high tension turns. Powerful race cars allows drivers to race at full throttle. Ergonomic hand throttles are fully digital, this means that they do not heat up or get hot as you race! Enjoy smooth and controlled accelerations. Each track piece is flexible and clicks together securely, allowing for easy placement, assembly and racing! LMP Style cars feature deep gloss paint, grippy tires and bright LED lights Includes poster style guard rails for straight track and double-rung for curve sections plus guard rail decals Packaging is reusable and designed for storage after play

Track length 348cm / 11.4'

Comes with 2 slot cars, lap counter, 2x digital throttle controls, USB power cord (requires AC USB power adapter...not included).

Ages 8 and up