Jungle Emperor 70151


The Jungle Emperor was born in the darkest recesses of the Jungle World, emerging from the shadowy thickets to strike fear throughout the realm of Eldrador Creatures. Turn his face upside down to transform the sinister Jungle Emperor into a bearded menace. Eldrador, beware!

Vibrant Detail. Legs as thick and sturdy as tree trunks…movable arms as powerful as jungle vines…a head that rotates to transform a bearded jungle beast into a timber-crowned savage.

Limitless Play. Don’t let his snarling scowl fool you: This shape-shifting brute can play any role a child’s story requires: Dinosaur whisperer, farm hand, unicorn protector, or hair stylist to the Horse Club girls.

Rugged Durability. When the struggle for the Super Weapon rages, only the tough survive. Luckily, Schleich toys and figurines are world-renowned for their enduring craftsmanship.

Great for Gift-Giving. Ready to go into battle in the hands of storytellers ages 7 and up!

Ages 7 and up