Iguana 14854


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The iguana figurine from Schleich Wild Life is crawling with reptilian realism! With its scaly-textured skin and detailed painting, you’ll feel like you’re holding the real thing.
Authentic Detail. Measuring just over 4” in length, the toy iguana from Schleich Wild Life is a model in reptilian realism – its textured, scaly skin is so detailed you’ll feel like you’re holding the real thing.
Durable Quality. A Schleich iguana toy is built for durability – while wild iguanas can shed their tails to escape predators, this one’s tail stays firmly attached in the grip of a rambunctious 3-year-old.
Sparks of Storytelling. Iguanas love basking in the heat…so don’t be shocked to find it near the Volcano Expedition Base Camp or relaxing poolside with the Lava Smasher from the world of Eldrador Creatures.
Limitless Play. In a child’s hand, a Schleich iguana toy is a character in a story with no scripts, no rules, and no limitations. Just 100% pure imagination
Toddler-Friendly. This wizard of lizards is known to disappear into the backpacks of kids ages 3 and up. Makes a great gift for young animal lovers and future scientists.
Ages 3 and up