Hamburger Kiddie Pool

$24.47 $34.95

Splish splash have a blast!

This Hamburger Pool is 5 feet wide, giving your mini-me a ton of room to splash around with their favorite toys. It inflates & deflates via a standard size air valve—easy! This means it folds up into a compact footprint during the offseason (which means no more hornet’s nests and weeds around the gross, moldy neglected kiddie pool! yayyy!!!)

Put a little BigMouth pool in your yard and make summer AWESOME. Lil’ Pools are not just practical for on-demand use when the summer heat gets the best of you - they’re also a great centerpiece for party games (duck fishing, ring toss, etc).

  • over 5 feet wide!
  • easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store
  • a great gift for parents with toddlers and families without a pool
  • approx inflated dimensions: 63 x 58 x 15.5 inches


NOTE: not for pets with sharp claws…sorry Fido!