Flamingo 14849


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Flamboyant. Fiery. Feisty. This colorful flamingo figurine from Schleich Wildlife is full of personality. Like all flamingos, you’ll find this one flocking in shallow waters…lagoons, tidal flats, and the empty bathtub, even after you’ve said “Please put away the toys.” Makes a great gift for bird lovers, Floridians, fans of the color pink.
Imagine you're kayaking in a saltwater mangroves. On the horizon, you spy a huge line of pink…is it a fiery Florida sunset glinting off the water? No, it's a flock of flamingos! Pink, squawking flamingos! There must be a hundred of them! It looks like a flamingo dance party...and your Schleich flamingo toy figure is grooving to the beat!
Dimensions 2.17 x 1.34 x 3.5 inch (W x D x H)
Fun Fact
Flamingos get their pink color from all the shrimp they eat (yuck!). What color would you be if you were the color of your favorite food?
Ages 3 and up