First 100 Numbers Colours Shapes Bingo


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Pick a card and see if that picture is on the bingo board!

​Kids pick a card and place a token on the bingo board if there is a match. If a player is able to complete four in a row, he or she yells “Bingo!” This game features words and pictures from the bestselling First 100 book series. 

University Games is thrilled to announce the first-ever games based on the First 100 brand, a wildly popular book series by Roger Priddy that encourages toddlers to learn key concepts and words through bright board books. Each book has 100 color photographs to look at and talk about, and 100 simple first words to read and learn. Our new First 100 games take this experience to the next level as kids engage in hands-on learning activities that teach vocabulary, counting, shapes, and much more.​


  • 4 Double-Sided Bingo Boards

  • 26 Picture Cards

  • 40 Bingo Tokens

  • Instructions

Ages 2 and up

Players: 2 to 4