Fabric Gripping Ball


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I'm learning to catch!

The easy-grip ball awakens children's curiosity. Made of soft fabric, its bright, contrasted colours accentuate its special shape that prevents it from rolling too far. Your baby will enjoy grabbing it and will be attracted by the harmonious little bell or the sound of crinkle paper.

The 12 pads, adapted for little hands, enable children to easily grab it. This easy-to-handle ball stimulates the sense of touch, dexterity and motor coordination. Babies thereby exercise their hands, legs and vision.

As babies grows, they can easily throw it and catch it, kick it, chase it, sit or roll on it. They will explore the many hollows and bumps, thus helping them to strengthen their wrist and develop fine motor skills.

  • Diameter: 16,8 cm.
  • Composition: cotton and polyester
  • Hand washable with plenty of cold water.

Ages 6 months and up