Diver Rescue with Drone 70143

$17.99 $29.99

Nowadays, drones are also used for sea rescue. The mobile aircrafts can easily reach even areas that are difficult to access. A diver is in need. Immediately, the rescuer gets his drone ready for take-off and steers it directly to the person in distress. The rescuer brings the drone into position over the diver, unfolds the winch and lowers the rescue loop. After the woman has put on the rescue sling, it goes up and she is flown safely back to land. Great mission! The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a rescue drone with winch and rescue loop, fins, snorkel and other extras.

Figures: 1 sea rescuer, 1 diver; Accessories: 1 rescue drone with winch, 1 rescue harness, 1 drone remote control, 1 rock element, 1 diving goggles with snorkel, 1 pair of diving fins

Ages 4 and up