Cougar 14853


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The cougar figurine from Schleich Wild Life is pouncing with lifelike detail! The slender, powerful frame…the piercing gaze…your goldfish crackers don't stand a chance against this wildcat predator.

Authentic Detail. The cougar toy figurine features the authentic detail that make Schleich® toys famous worldwide, from its tawny fur to its vigilant eyes.

Durable Quality. The mountain terrain where this cougar grew up is rugged. Toyboxes can be just as treacherous. Luckily, this cougar is made by Schleich, famed for a commitment to quality.

Sparks of Storytelling. A cougar leapt from the rocky cliff along the water’s edge. “Cannonball!” he shouted…and then? In your child’s hand, a cougar and a story can go anywhere.

Limitless Play. Who says a cougar can’t give piggyback rides to dinosaurs? Or serve breakfast in a fairy café? Like all Schleich toys, our cougar believes playtime should have no scripts, no rules, and no limitations.

Toddler-Friendly. Measuring 4.7” in length, the cougar toy is part of the Schleich® Wild Life theme world and enjoys playtime with children.

Cougars can’t roar, but they can purr, meow, and whine about doing chores. Cougars in the wild can leap 40 feet – that’s longer than 90 Schleich cougar figurines lined up end to end!


Fun Fact

Cougars are great swimmers. Do you think these cats know how to doggy paddle?

Ages 3 and up