Automoblox T900 Rescue Truck


A reinvention of the classic wooden car, each Automoblox vehicle inspires creativity by allowing kids to visualize and build cars of their own design using interchangeable, mix-and-match pieces. With its bold, V-shaped light bar and molded pearl white bed cover, the Automoblox T900 Rescue Truck is sure to make its presence known. The larger-than-stock wheels feature a rugged chrome center cap with oversized tires that fill the wheel wells. A black front push bar adds protection, and painted fenders and trim enhance the premium feel of this upscale truck. Artfully designed graphics complete the package. Made from premium materials including solid European beech wood, polycarbonate plastics and real rubber tires. The Automoblox T900 Rescue Truck includes 19 pieces and is fully interchangeable with all other Automoblox vehicles.

Ages 5 and up