ABC of Canada


From Arctic to Zamboni, kids can follow the alphabet on a colorful tour across Canada. On their journey, they'll visit Canadian landmarks, including Jasper National Park and Peggy's Cove. They'll also meet friendly characters enjoying Canadian pastimes, such as riding in the Calgary Stampede, playing hockey and watching the Northern Lights. Vivid illustrations and simple language guarantee that even the youngest traveler will enjoy this trip!

Each letter provides a showcase for a Canadian icon of one sort or another... Illustrator Per-Henrik Gurth keeps it simple, with bright colors and strong outlines around minimally defined objects in paintings of the Calgary Stampede, dogsleds, hockey, the Yukon - ? where the Northern Lights glow,? and last, a splendiferous Zamboni. —Globe and Mail

ABC books are often a child's first introduction to words and pictures on a page and have been produced in infinite variety. So it is a pleasant surprise to discover a fresh approach in the The ABC of Canada ... [T]he characters (beavers, moose, and bears) and the situations [are] distinctly Canadian. Where else would you find Z for Zamboni, X for Cross Country Skiing and R for RCMP? [T]his is an ABC book that manages to be instructive, attractive, and nationalistic all in one. —Winnipeg Free Press

Juvenile Nonfiction / Concepts - Alphabet / People & Places - Canada
Ages 4 and under

30 pages | 6.05" x 6.00"