Port-A-Party Games


Portable party games assortment includes:

SAY IT! It's the frantic party game where crazy combinations lead to laugh-out-loud answers. Draw a pair of prompt cards, and then compete to shout out the most entertaining response. What's "something sticky"... "that you find in the couch cushions?" Or "something shocking"... "you know too much about?" Don't delay it, just Say It! Contents: 200 cards, 3 tokens, sand timer and rules. Ages 10+ for 3-8 players.

THINK’N SYNC 3… 2… 1… Sync! Meld your minds in this hilarious party game of quick connections. Pick a partner and then, at the same time, shout out an answer to the chosen category. Can you both name a movie princess? An ice cream flavor? How about something orange? Your answers may be great, but they only score if they're identical! So think quickly, think cleverly, but most importantly- Think n' Sync! Contents: 225 cards, 8 tokens and rule. Ages 12+, 3-8 players.

THAT’S IT! Quick! Name something you find in a toolbox. If you said “hammer” then you’ve hit the nail on the head with this fast playing “word for word” party game. Draw a topic card and then race to shout out answers until someone says the exact word written. Get the most right and – That’s It! – you win! Contents: 200 cards, 12 tokens, rules. Ages 10+, 3+ players.

SPLURT! Quick – name something fun to play beginning with the letter S! Slide whistle? Slot machine? How about Splurt - the hilarious fast-reaction word game! Flip a card and be the first to shout out an answer that matches the clues. Can you name an animal containing 5 letters? A song ending in E? Think fast – say it first – win Splurt! Contents: 100 cards and rules. Ages 10+ and 2 or more players.

Hit or Miss. The Game Where Great Minds Think Alike
Sharpen your pencils - and your intuition - for this "can't miss" party game! Draw a category card and quickly list as many related words as possible before time runs out. Then take turns rolling the die - if it lands on HIT, pick a word that you think everyone wrote; if it lands on MISS, pick one that only you wrote. Predict your opponents' answers to score the most points and hit it big with a win!

Hit List. 1 Clue, 6 Answers, 30 Seconds
Put this hit party game at the top of your list! Flip the timer, draw a card, and race to shout out answers that fit the category. How quickly can your team name ice cream brands? Vampires? Cartoon cats? Answers can be obvious or obscure, but they score only if they're on the Hit List!

Retail Package : 3.8" (W) x 2.1" (D) x 3.5" (H)

Ages 10 and up

Players (see individual games above)

10 to 20 minute playtime