Rocks, Minerals and Gems


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This is a definitive full color guide for young readers. It includes an introduction to rocks, minerals and gems and how they form, how and where to look for them, how to identify rocks and minerals, and everything there is to know about building a collection.

Packed with fun facts and practical activities, the book features high-definition color photography and data keys that show noteworthy qualities of each specimen in extraordinary detail.

Rocks, Minerals and Gems shows how to read the landscape for clues and identify different rock types -- from dazzling diamonds to grainy sandstone. It describes fascinating facts and data boxes provide short facts to help with quick identification.

Juvenile Nonfiction / Science & Nature - Earth Sciences - Rocks & Minerals / Young Adult Nonfiction / Science & Nature - Earth Sciences
Ages 11-15

120 pages | 6.75" x 9.50" Hardcover