CA Strange Attractor


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Strange attractor is the name of a mathematical equation that is commonly part of chaos theory. This equation creates a fractal, never ending, non-repeating pattern within a dynamic system. Basically, a strange attractor has a mind of its own and creates beautiful patterns in design, art, and nature.  Strange Attractor Thinking Putty has a mind of its own as well. A deep, mysterious black with subtle green sparkles, it comes alive when charged with the included magnet.

  • Includes: 1/5 lb. (3.2 oz.) of Thinking Putty  Color: Metallic Dark Grey 
  • Features: MagneticStretchableMemory EffectSoft Texture 
  • Accessories: 1"x1" ceramic magnet included with purchase 
  • Materials: Non-toxic silicone 
  • Warning: Contains strong magnet. Swallowed magnetics can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnet(s) are swallowed or inhaled. 
  • Safety: Read more about how our magnetic putty is safe and different 
  • Never dries out! 
  • Proudly made in the USA. 
  • Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities.

Ages 8 and up