Nat Geo Kids Awesome 8


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Curious kids who want to know the who/what/where of the coolest things on the planet will welcome this first book in an awesome new National Geographic Kids series. Every turn of the page presents a different theme and counts down the greatest of the great top 8 of its kind. For example: The Awesome 8 Coolest Coasters, Haughtiest Hotels, Wicked Water Slides, Perilous Predators, Remarkable Ruins, Weirdest Wonders, Swankiest Subways, and anything else you can imagine. It's truly something you have to see to believe--which is why the entire list appears in photographs, layered with fun facts and insightful stories.

Juvenile Nonfiction / Curiosities & Wonders / Science & Nature - General (See Also Headings Under Animals or Technology) / Reference
Ages 8-12

112 pages | 8.50" x 10.90" Paperback