Lottie Doll: Finn


Our very first and bestselling Lottie Dolls’ boy doll!
We created Kite Flyer Finn as an alternative action figure, a small boy doll that both boys and girls could relate to and enjoy playing with.

Finn was our response to the status quo of “boys’ toys” that represented toxic masculinity (guns, weapons, warfare, violence) and left us - and early fans of the Lottie Dolls’ brand - feeling so uncomfortable. 

Do boys play with dolls? Absolutely!

What’s in the Doll Box?
Super cute boy doll white boy doll with brown hair and green eyes

Wearing doll clothes:

Star-themed long sleeve t-shirt
Padded gilet
Cargo shorts
Red sneakers
Doll accessories included in playset:

Diamond-shaped kite
Ages 3 and up