Geo Puzzle North America


GeoPuzzles make learning geography fun! Give the gift of understanding our complex world. GeoPuzzle USA and Canada has 69 pieces shaped like states and provinces. Children learn the name and shape of each state and province, and they also learn its location on a map.

  • For the child who is globally minded or looking to learn more about different states and provinces, this large 17 x 17 inch floor puzzle is an ideal jigsaw puzzle. 
  • Each puzzle piece is shaped like a different state, province, group of states, or group of provinces. Children will learn how our world works together while engaging in a puzzle different than all others.
  • Kids will learn geography in a fun and engaging way while discussing the different states and provinces, and how they are related.
  • Choosing and placing puzzle pieces builds fine motor skills. Kids have enhanced cognitive development as they try to solve the puzzle. Plus they learn and practice their vocabulary of different states and provinces. 

Jumbo-sized at 17 x 17 inches, this jigsaw puzzle is great on large tables in classrooms and used as a floor puzzle at home or in school. Made in the U.S.A. from recycled materials to boost sustainability in kids toys. 

Ages 4 and up