Tuban Pro Ring Butterfly


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Do you want even more bubbles at once? It's possible, our butterfly releases bubbles with unusual properties. Some of them mix together while others fall apart; some are small, and the others are big. Double fun, thanks to the double loop structure.

Thanks to the ring you will create bubbles in different sizes: large, medium and small.

Wand is 17 inches long.

Made In Poland

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Adult supervision is required

The best weather for making soap bubbles is when the air is moist – after rain or on foggy, cloudy days. You should make them in the early morning or evening. On sunny days or when the humidity is low, bubbles are not last long.

Don't shake sticks in liquid and then try to make bubbles. The foam harms bubbles. If your liquid has foam on top, remove the foam first.

If you are making bubbles indoors, spray water in the air first. Increasing humidity in the room will allow the bubble to last longer.

Ages 3 and up