Terra Animal Barn


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Give your favorite toy horses a home of their own with the Battat Wooden Animal Barn.


Your little one will absolutely adore this classic toy barn. The barn doors and big roof make it easy for little hands to get inside the wooden toy! And, there’s plenty of space for all of your farm animal toys! Organize the little bales of hay so that your child’s horse toys and animal figurines can graze while they rest. There’s even a crank to turn to lift some extra hay through one of the high barn windows. Your bigger barnyard pals, whether they whinny or moo, can rest in the toy horse stable around the side of this awesome and realistic barn toy. This is the perfect addition to any farm toy set and will go perfectly with Terra by Battat’s collection of miniature animal toys.


Includes 20-piece toy wooden toy barn with space for every farm animal to call home

Like the real thing: A cozy wooden toy farm set with plenty of hay and places for little hands to play with and discover!

Handy: This barn is a perfect fit for curious creatures coming from all over the animal kingdom looking for an exciting new place to stay.

DIMENSIONS: 19.57 (L) x 13.90 (W) x 13.07 (H) inches of barnyard bliss

Material: Wood

Miniature animals sold separately.

Ages 3 and up