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Tavern Puzzle Satan's Stirrup

Tavern Puzzle Satan's Stirrup


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Was used in Episode 4 of the PBS series Mercy Street. Brewed in the cauldron of the blacksmith's mind. The first of the Tucker-Jones own designs.

Object: Remove shuttle.

Category: Difficult

Ages 10 and up



100% Handcrafted in the USA

The Tavern Puzzle Collection has four categories of difficulty, starting with Basic and ending with Complex. The designs are listed below in order of difficulty.

Which puzzle is for you?

Basic: Only a few steps. Good for beginners and in social settings.

Intermediate: More steps than basic designs, but straightforward.

Difficult: Multi-step sequences; some are combined maneuvers from basic and intermediate categories. Often with close tolerances that require precise movements.

Complex: Many moves and flexible chains, requiring a lot of concentration. Not recommended for novices.

All puzzles are made from 6mm steel; some include wooden beads. Dimensions: 8" - 14" long, 4" -  6" wide. Weight: 12 - 20 ounces.

Puzzles are packaged in a drawstring muslin bag with information sheet that shows the puzzle and the objective. Solutions are not packaged with the puzzles. See the Solutions page on-line at

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