Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game 10th Anniversary Edition


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IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE! With over TWO MILLION copies sold, this best-selling preschool game is celebrating its 10th birthday with a special collector's edition game and package! The 10th Birthday Edition game includes all the fun of the original plus a soft, fuzzy Sneaky Squeezers and golden acorns!

  • Reinforces color learning
  • Develops strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, and pre-handwriting skills while using the squeezer
  • Encourages social skills and turn-taking
  • Practice memory and attention skills
  • A quick, fun game that can be played continuously in a short time
  • Easy setup and cleanup

Includes colorful tree-shaped game board, limited-edition fuzzy Squirrel Squeezer, 20 colored acorns with limited-edition gold bases, 1 game spinner, 4 logs, and instruction guide

Ages 3 and up

Players 2 to 4