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Sky-High Cable Car

Sky-High Cable Car


  • $1895

Ruby is an avid programmer, but did you know she’s a major thrill-seeker, too? Not only does she skydive, but her best coding happens high above BloxTown on the aerial cable cars. She thinks of it as the ultimate loop; she won’t get off until her code is just right! Learn how to build the cable cars to move Ruby around while improving fine motor and spatial reasoning skills. New craft + construction pieces, plus a Ruby Rails mini figurine!

  • Builds spatial skills, engineering principles (tension), and confidence in problem solving.
  • Comes with 30+ pieces, including new board construction parts.
  • All building pieces are compatible with existing sets.
  • Books not included - please refer to instructions to choose the best sized books from home.
  • Rated Intermediate III, parents may help alongside younger kids.
  • Great gift for your master builder!
  • Collect all 4 to make the gang complete.

Includes: 2 mini grips, 4 mini axles, 1 T-joint, 2 spacers, 1 long cord, 2 star stoppers, 2 star couplers, 2 wheel ends, 2 coupler joints, 1 teal rubber band, 2 pink rubber bands, 10 building boards, 1 mini Ruby action figure

Warning: Choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years.

Ages 6 and up

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