Pig Out! BB


Bring out your inner snout and try being a pig! In this hilarious rhyme, a cheeky pig explains why being a pig is the best . . . and encourages the other animals to dye their hair pink, oink, and try and be more like him! This funny board book has a squishy pig snout cut through to the cover, and Stuart Lynch’s bright, modern illustrations provide plenty to look at on every page! PIG OUT BOARD BOOK WITH SQUISHY SNOUT


Squishy snout on the cover

Funny, rhyming text

Board book format is easy for little hands to hold


Dimensions: 7.32 × 7.32 × 0.79 in


Type: Board Book

Age Group:3+

Category: Preschoolers (3-5)

Illustrator: Stuart Lynch

Number of Pages: 14 pp

Writer: Rosie Greening

Extra Information: with a squishy touch die-cut through to the cover