Oltree is a cooperative and narrative game where each scenario, called Chronicle, offers a rich and unique setting, with its atmosphere, unique plot, challenges, friends and foes! Each turn will confront you with hard choices, forcing you to manage your actions carefully to fulfill your quest!

In a convalescent kingdom, the Ranger corporation tirelessly pursues its lifelong mission: to explore the wilderness, build bridges between communities and protect its inhabitants from harm, so that the flame of hope may one day rekindle...

At the start of their turn, the Ranger rolls the Adversity die to activate various decks of cards : Adventure cards spawn on the board, some villages fall prey to Issues, Events offer temporary rule challenges or the pages of the Chronicle turn, progressing the main storyline.

The Ranger then performs two simples actions: moving between the outside zones and the central fort, venture out to meet communities for some benefits, interact with cards on the board, spend acquired resources to reinforce the regiment's fort, performing special actions allowed by the scenario or your character...

The choices to manage your actions will be crucial under the pressure of the scenario and defeat conditions. Some actions will require Skill checks performed by rolling some custom dice depending your Ranger's abilities. The game continues until the objectives specific to the Chronicle are met...


- 2 game boards

- 6 Building tiles

- 210 cards

- 9 Mission Order cards

- 8 Ranger boards

- 77 wooden ressources

- 8 wooden Ranger meeples

- 7 dice

- Various tokens and markers

- 1 Rules booklet

Ages 10 and up

Players 2 to 4

Playtime 60 minutes