Munch! BB


Munch! is an interactive, farm-themed book for young children. Each page has an open mouth with soft felt teeth, and easy-to-pull sliders to close the animal mouths. Little ones can poke their hands through the open mouths to mimic ‘feeding’ the animals, then have fun trying to get their hands out before the mouths close with a MUNCH! The fun, rhyming text introduces animal noises and simple numbers. INTERACTIVE FARM BOOK WITH SLIDERS AND FELT TEETH


Soft felt teeth and open animal mouths on every page

Fun sliders make the mouths open and close

Introduces animal sounds and numbers


Dimensions: 6.69 × 8.27 × 0.79 in

Type: Board Book

Age Group: 0+

Category: Baby and Toddler (0-2)

Illustrator: Edward Miller

Number of Pages: 10 pp

Writer: Rosie Greening

Extra Information: with sliders, die-cut mouth holes, and felt teeth throughout