Meet the Farm Puzzle Stix BB


This innovative board book format is filled with foiled, double-sided puzzles for children to pop-out and rebuild! The sweet rhyme encourages children to search for clues and guess which farm animal is hiding on the back of the puzzle sticks. Puzzle Stix is a fun and playful way for littles ones to practice their hand-eye coordination.


Double sided, foiled pop-out puzzle sticks

Search and find clues for each animal

Sweet rhymes and adorable illustrations


Dimensions: 6.69 × 9.06 × 0.67 in

Type: Board Book

Age Group: 3+

Category: Preschoolers (3-5)

Illustrator: Jess Moorhouse

Number of Pages: 12 pp

Writer: Christie Hainsby

Extra Information: with removable double-sided puzzle pieces throughout