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Love Letter


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An addictive game that will keep you coming back for more. This card game only has 16 cards, but has surprisingly interesting game play. The object of the game is to be the one closest to the princess at the end of each round to deliver a love letter to her. The princess card has a value of 8 and it is the highest card in the deck, followed by the Minister (7), the General (6), the Wizard (5), the Priestess (4), the Knight (3), the Clown (2) and the Soldier (1). At the beginning of the game each player gets 1 card, and that is their hand. Each turn they draw 1 card and they MUST play one of the two cards that are now in their hand. Each card has special abilities to help you eliminate the other players during the round. At the end of the round all of the players still in the game compare cards and the player with the highest card wins the round. When a player wins a round they receive 1 token of affection from the princess, and the player who first accumulates 4 tokens wins the game.

Contains: 16 love letter cards, 2 promo cards (a princess with glasses and a prince to substitute for the regular princess card), 13 wooden tokens and 1 rule sheet

Ages 10

Card Abilities:

Princess (7 points, 1 card in deck): If you play this card you lose the round

Minister (7 points, 1 card in deck): If you have 12 or more points you lose the round

General (6 points, 1 card in deck): Switch hands with another player

Wizard (5 points, 2 cards in deck): Make your opponent discard his/her hand and pick-up another card for their hand, or you can discard your own hand.

Priestess (4 points, 2 cards in deck): Until your next turn no one can play an action card on you

Knight (3 points, 2 cards in deck): Compare your other card in your hand with an opponent's card. The one with the lowest hand is out for this round. If it is a tie, you both stay in the game.

Clown (2 points, 2 cards in deck): You can look at an opponents hand

Soldier (1 point, 5 cards in deck): Guess which card an opponent has in their hand and they are out of the round.

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