Gnoming A Round


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Just like in the big folk game of miniature golf, you and your fellow gnomes are doing your best to recreate the game by earning the lowest score. Over the course of three rounds, you’ll be collecting and arranging cards into a 3 by 3 grid.

Drive your score as low as possible by placing Negative value cards in your grid or by creating rows or columns of 3 identical Positive value cards, which will earn you Negative points equal to the matching value of the set (example: a row of three 6’s would earn you -6 points).

As soon as one player has no more face-down cards in their grid, each other player takes one final turn and the round is over. After three rounds, total your scores and find out which gnome has won the game. Celebrate their victory by carrying them around your home and cheering their name!

It's a tee-rific time you'll never fore-get!

Players: 2-7

Play Time: 15-30 min

Ages: 7+