Five Crowns Tin Edition


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The game isn’t over ’til the Kings go wild!

Introducing the Five Crowns tin Edition! The award-winning, best-selling card game is celebrating 25 years of success with sleek, new packaging but the same family fun! Play the game with 5 suits and a special custom score card and find out if you have what it takes to come out on top. In this rummy-style card game with rotating wild cards, “The game isn’t over ’til the Kings go wild!”

The game has 11 rounds. It starts with 3 cards and 3s are wild, then moves to 4 cards and 4s are wild and so on til the Kings Go Wild!

Make the right combinations, be the first to go out, then watch your opponents scramble as they get one last chance to cut their losses. The player with the lowest score wins!

Contents: 116 cards, score sheet, instructions for group and solo play all stored in a tin.

Players 1 to 7

Playtime 45 minutes

Ages 8 and up