Fire Rescue Gift Set 70291

$7.67 $10.95
The fireman puts out the fire with his extinguishing foam syringe. Play set in attractive gift box with inscribable name field.
The Playmobil fire brigade team is on duty day and night to help. Thanks to its portable extinguishing foam sprayer, this firefighter is extremely flexible and can approach the source of the fire particularly well. After a few minutes he manages to contain the fire with his extinguishing foam. A perfect play set for committed young firefighters. 
Figures: 1 fireman; Accessories: 1 barrel burning, 1 barrel lid, 3 flames, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 fire extinguisher with extinguishing cannon, 1 extinguishing foam projectile, 1 axe small, 1 axe large, 1 flashlight, 1 radio, 1 fire helmet with visor, 1 pair of protective gloves, 1 box
Ages 4 and up.