Baby Einstein Sensory Stacking Toys


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A fresh take on a timeless classic, Stack & Squish Cups Sensory Stacking Toys will keep your baby or toddler engaged in open-ended play for hours. Stick, stack, squish, nest, & more!

These 6 vibrant collapsible cups invite exploration, creativity, and experimentation.Featuring suction-cup bases, your infant can stick them to virtually any surface, including floor and bath tiles, refrigerator, and high chair trays. Perfect for water play, you can use baby’s Stack & Squish Cups as bath toys or during mealtime for endless filling and pouring fun. This type of play promotes spatial reasoning and other important cognitive skills for the first years of baby’s life. Say the colors of each cup out loud to help your little one learn their colors. 

  • Endless ways to play – Stick, stack, & squish! These 6 vibrant collapsible cups invite open-ended play and exploration. Featuring suction-cup bases, baby can stick them almost anywhere!
  • Developmental benefits – Promotes spatial reasoning skills and color discovery as baby grows
  • Perfect for water & tabletop play – From the bath to mealtime, baby will love using their Stack & Squish Cups to pour and experiment with water. And they stick to most surfaces, including bath tile, refrigerator, and high chair trays.
  • Safe & easy to clean
  • Cups are made with BPA-free and hand-washable materials.

Ages 6 months and up