The Almost Epic Squad - Mucus Mayhem


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In this hilarious, new series, four ordinary kids are about to learn that they are on deck. . . to save the world!

Jessica Flem has spent the better part of her life so far reacting allergically to everything and much of it in her basement where she rules the online game Gang of Greats. She's used to a nose that never stops running, but is not prepared for the mysterious power that shows up around her thirteenth birthday - the ability to transform her mucus-filled tissues into slimy magical helpers. And just in time, too.

It turns out there are forces both good and evil who have had their eyes on her and three other "special"€ kids since their exposure at birth to a mysterious element called reidium. Jess must draw on her full video game knowledge to face the evil Boss and her equally evil henchwoman in their quest for world domination. With her best friend Cliff at her side, and with the stakes ratcheting higher and higher, Jess and her arsenal of mighty. . . well, tissues, must make the world of Dimly, Manitoba, a safe place once again.

Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories / Action & Adventure / Superheroes
Ages 8-12

200 pages | 5.86" x 8.31" Hardcover