7 Wonders Armada


“There are three sorts of people: those who are alive, those who are dead, and those who are at sea.” (Aristotle)

The horizon is now within reach, your armada is waiting for you to begin conquering the sea! Aboard your vessel, discover distant islands, trade with remote cities, and equip your fleet to face the imminent naval war...

Conquer the seas

In addition to a never before seen Wonder, this expansion offers deeper interactions with two new types of cards: Armada and Island cards. Navigators, explorers, shipowners, and pirates will bring a new scope to your games.

Armada Age Cards

Age cards in this expansion represent new Buildingswith never before seen effects. They are added to the Age cards from the base game.

Island Cards

Island cards are a new category of cards. They are divided into 3 levels and each offer a unique effect.


Shipyard boards represent the progress of your Fleets during the game. Shipyards have 4 naval tracks each divided into 7 spaces, most of which provide an effect.

Armada is also:

An expansion that completely changes gameplay using the same 7 Wonders mechanics.

An option for playing in 2 teams (for 4- and 6-player games).

Multi-player interaction with quick and simultaneous turns.

Compatible with all other 7 Wonders expansions (new edition).


Players 3 to 7

Playtime 40 minutes

Ages 10 and up