Swingball - Reflex Tennis Trainer


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Swingball Reflex Tennis Trainer is the ideal tennis trainer helping to improve your skills without the need for a net, court or even a partner!
Including a sturdy, non-slip base and no-tangle reflex cord. Work up hours of practice helping to perfect your skills and even get your body in shape. Swingball Reflex Tennis Trainer is the perfect tool to help work on your tennis strokes, maximise your speed while building on your quickness, hand-eye coordination and stamina.
Including an adjustable reflex cord to fine-tune play or wind back in when not in use to increase longevity, rubber ball and lightweight Airbat, making this game perfect for both children and adults. 

  • All surface base
  • 6 metre (fully stretched) cord
  • Recoil adjustable cord
  • 240g airbats
  • Rubber ball

Ages 6 and up