Marble Run Vortex - 75pcs


Assemble your own marble runs with this excitingly challenging construction set. Reproduce the layouts pictured on the box or have fun experimenting with new designs. Interlocking chutes, bridges, pillars, and spinning wheels can all be combined in countless configurations that guarantee hours of great fun. Marble Run promotes creativity and logical reasoning both of which are required to place and fix the components precisely and get the marbles rolling. All pieces are made of unbreakable high-quality materials that allow you to build amazingly solid structures.

  1. 1 instruction manual with examples
  2. 10 marbles
  3. 1 starting gate container
  4. 3 starting gates
  5. 2 spirals
  6. 1 funnel
  7. 2 swirls
  8. 4 base structures
  9. 42 pillars/tubes/uprights in 2 colours
  10. 6 straight tracks in 2 colours

Ages 5 to 12