Tricky Puzzles for Clever Kids


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There's a picture on every page, but what you can't see is more important than what's in plain sight. That's because each of these picture puzzles hides something from you, then dares you to find it. See if you can detect the boomerang lost among a pile of clothes hangers. Pick the dog in a dogpile who actually lives in the doghouse. Help the cook find his hat that's sailed into the clouds. If you're really alert, you'll be able to rescue swimmers from sharks in a pool, help a kayaker find his paddle before he drowns, or pick out a camel from a pile of humps and other body parts. You'll also encounter puzzles that feature mazes and maps, word ladders and number series. All the solutions are hidden in plain sight, but in case you still can't find them, turn to the answer section in the back of the book. 
Juvenile Nonfiction / Activity Books / Games & Activities - Puzzles
Ages 8-12
128 pages | 5.37" x 8.25" Paperback