Cathedral Travel Game


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Conceived by Robert Moore, a pilot in the Royal New Zealand Air Force, this travel version of the original Cathedral game features magnetized pieces and playing surfaces to keep pieces in place while on the move. Victory goes to the landowner who can position more of their buildings within the game board walls, thereby capturing space, and points. Blocking the opponent from placing their pieces is also the goal.

One 6.75 x 6.75 x 1.75 inch detachable wooden carry case with magnetic playing boards, 29 magnetized wooden buildings, instructions.

You are a land owner in medieval times. Remove all the buildings from the walled city playing surface and divide up the pieces by color.
In turn, position the largest of your pieces on the board.  If you are able to surround an opponent's piece, it is removed from the board and given back to your opponent to play. The goal is to put back more of YOUR pieces than your opponent as a players unused pieces are deducted from their score.

Ages 8 and up

2 Players