Vampire's Castle Escape Pz759


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Whilst out walking on your holiday in Romania, you discover a mysterious castle hidden in deep forest. You cannot resist venturing inside and the heavy oak door creaks shut behind you. You wander through long dark corridors and find a magnificent hall, where heraldic banners and family portraits are displayed, candles burn, and a stone coffin sits in the centre of the floor. There are human remains on the floor, a fabulous cloak just waiting to be worn, and a set of very sharp teeth in a glass next to the coffin. The coffin lid starts to move, and it's too late to flee. Can you drive this vampire back into his casket and escape?

This scary and challenging escape puzzle will take you on a multi-layered journey, stretching your mind and testing your puzzling ability.

Complete the puzzle, taking extra care with the tricky edge pieces. Note the differences between the puzzle image shown on the box and the puzzle itself; those differences may help you. Once you’ve assembled the puzzle, solve the mathematical riddles and brain teasers.
  • Ravensburger Escape jigsaws are crafted with premium quality
  • 70 x 50cm when complete.
  • Contents: 759 Piece Escape Puzzle

Ages 14 and Up